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This is a very dangerous complication, because the concentration of glucose in the blood can decrease very sharply and the patient may go into a hypoglycemic coma. Prolonged intensive insulin therapy, accompanied by increased physical activity, often leads to the development of Viagra complications. If the blood sugar level is allowed to fall below 4 mmol/l, then in response to a lower blood sugar level, a sharp rise in sugar can occur, that is, a state of hyperglycemia.

Prevention of this complication is to reduce the dose of insulin, the effect of which falls on the time when blood sugar falls below 4 mmol / l. Insulin resistance (insulin resistance) This complication is caused by addiction to certain doses of insulin, which over time no longer give the desired effect and their increase is required. Insulin resistance can be both temporary and long-term. If the need for insulin reaches more than 100-200 IU per day, but the patient does not have attacks of ketoacidosis and there are no other endocrine diseases, then we can talk about the development of insulin resistance.

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The reasons for the development of viagra for sale insulin resistance include: obesity, high blood lipids, dehydration, stress, acute and chronic infectious diseases, lack of physical activity. Therefore, you can get rid of this type of complication by eliminating the listed causes.

Long-term or immunological insulin resistance develops due to the production of antibodies to administered insulin, a decrease in the number and sensitivity of insulin receptors, and impaired liver function. Treatment consists of sildenafil porcine insulin with human insulin, as well as the use of the hormones hydrocortisone or prednisolone, and the normalization of liver function, including through diet.

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  • If the patient does not have problems with being overweight and does not experience excessive emotional overload, insulin is prescribed ½ - 1 unit 1 time per day in terms of 1 kg of body weight.
  • At the same time, intensive insulin therapy acts as an imitator of the natural secretion of the hormone.
  • The rules for insulin therapy require the fulfillment of these conditions.
  • The requirements listed above explain the regimens of insulin therapy, in which the daily dosage of the drug is divided into prolonged or short-acting insulins.
  • Long insulins are most often administered in the mornings and evenings and absolutely imitate the physiological product of the functioning of the pancreas.
  • Taking short insulins is advisable after eating a meal rich in carbohydrates.
  • The dosage of this type of insulin is determined on an individual basis and is determined by the number of XE (bread units) at a given meal.
  • The combined method of insulin therapy involves the combination of all insulins in one injection and is called traditional insulin therapy.